How to Build Strong Fundamentals in Billiards


The fundamentals of billiards, are like the foundations of a house, if these foundations are not well structured, well worked, the house can collapse, the same thing happens with billiards.

To correct your weak points, you are going to have to go through hours of practice and enjoy it, because in the end all that time will become your foundation.

One of the main reasons people have trouble playing is because when they went to a pool hall they didn’t spend enough time working on their posture or their stroke.

Instead they jumped in and focused all at once on pocketing balls. This is where bad habits form and become a permanent part of their game.

Then this player goes and starts pocketing balls using spin where he creates even more problems in the fundamentals.

And because he has not spent time from the beginning learning only the cue ball motion without spin, that is, in the center of the ball, he has difficulty controlling the cue ball.

This combination of mistakes with hitting problems, line of sight, limits his game making it very difficult and impossible to reach a high level in his billiard game.

If you don’t understand how the cue ball moves when you hit the object ball or with the cushions, the player will always be inconsistent and if you can’t control the cue ball without English, you will never know how to control the cue ball with spin.

Once you feel you develop control of the cue ball by hitting the cue ball in the center and then with spin, they will naturally know how much spin you are going to put on the cue ball.

Do not practice long or difficult shots until you have mastered the “easy shots” in billiards.

Few pool games can be won by making advanced or difficult shots, but many games are lost by not having strong skills or fundamentals for making easy shots.

Even experienced players can benefit from improving the fundamentals of their game.

With correct fundamentals and plenty of vigilance in them, it allows our game to improve as we incorporate new knowledge and more advanced strategies.

To play pool at a very high level, you need to refine your touch, your ability to be consistent in getting the shots you want.

The fundamentals are about developing and repeating techniques that make sense to you, techniques that you can rely on under pressure.

I hear from a lot of people who contact me: “I’m stuck at the same level for a long time and I’m frustrated about it, whatever I try to advance, it doesn’t work”.

There’s something you have to do if you want to move forward, if you want to get better.

As long as you keep doing the same old thing, you will get the same results.

If you’re stuck and you’re ready to develop solid fundamentals, you have to be willing to make changes.

Because for a long time you’ve been developing deep habits about hitting, grip, stance, etc. And if you do something different it’s going to feel strange at first.

A small change in how you hold the pool cue, for example, may feel completely “wrong” to you. You’re out of your comfort zone.

This is where learning takes place.

You have to first start by paying attention to your body.

You’re going to find places where you cue too hard or lift your head when you pull or your posture is incorrect, places where you’ll fight with yourself, etc.

As you pay attention to your body, you will find situations where you feel more comfortable, for example, when you place your feet, now the weight is distributed and you feel better.

Try to find ways that your skeleton does the work, not your muscles.

Simple is better.

Many aspects of fundamentals have to do with alignment.

With today’s technology, we can see what posture we are doing, when we are going to execute a shot, take your cell phone and record yourself in different positions, sideways, front, back and overhead swinging, hitting balls, so you can see where your mistake is and correct it.

In other words your swing should be perfectly aligned with your vertical plane, your cue stick, your forearm, your elbow, your shoulder, your whole arm.

You should feel that you can see the target line with a high degree of confidence.

And remember not everyone will have perfect fundamentals, but the closer you can get the fundamentals right, the faster you will improve.

If you are one of those players with a twisted forearm or arm not aligned correctly, you can still reach a high level, you’re just going to need to put more time on the table.

I recommend that you put a mirror next to you, and start recording with your cell phone in front and then behind and go correcting these flaws, at first it is tiring, it is annoying, it is frustrating but in the end the result is enriching.

The basics are composed of:

If you master it, you win.

Tell me your point of view. What is the main problem?

And I’ll help you correct it.

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