Common errors in Billiards


Many players raise the cue too much when the cue ball is close to the cushion and what happens is that your accuracy drops a lot.

What you should do is that when the cue ball is close to the cushion and you don’t have to backspin, try to put the cue as level as possible to make the shot. You will see that you now have more accuracy.

Now when the cue ball is close to the rail and you want to hit with a backspin, what you should do is level the cue with the table and then raise the cue a little behind to give it the desired effect.

When the cue ball is almost touching the rail and you have to hit with backspin you must be as straight as possible to execute the shot well according to your line of sight.

Another common mistake is that many people raise the pool cue unnecessarily; the cue should always be level with the table.

Another mistake is that when they are going to hit a hard ball, they don’t control the filing making many times they miss the balls and to correct this they need to make the controlled hitting motion.

And it doesn’t matter if they are going to hit a soft, normal or hard shot, the stroke motion always has to be the same.

Another mistake is that when you are filing, many players do not pause, you must stop the cue tip for a moment to see if you are well positioned, with the desired effect and in the line of the shot to make the shot correctly.

If you see that something is wrong, you think you are going to miss or you think you have lost the ball point, get up, look at the table, go back to your line, get down and execute.

Another mistake that many players make is that they move their head when they hit the ball and that is why they miss the shots.


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