The Stance in Billiards


The Stance

It is created from the shooting line.

And the shooting line is created using the ghost ball and the cue ball.

When we talk about ghost ball we refer to an imaginary location where the cue ball must hit the object ball to pocket it.

Imagine that there is a line that goes through the center of the object ball, ends in the pocket and we hit it.

So the cue ball makes the path to the next ball, we must always visualize this with every shot, we draw another shooting line and place another ghost ball in the center where the cue ball makes contact to pocket the ball, through the shooting line is how we position ourselves to make the stance for each shot.

We can imagine this shooting line goes over the pool table and we have to create the stance across that line.

Put the back foot on the line of shot, it can be with the foot sideways or with an angle close to 90 degrees, putting the foot in this way provides better stability, then we put the front foot parallel to the line of shot, putting the tip of it facing the ball to execute or this foot a little bent from the line of shot, now we bend down to get ready to execute the shot.

How to make the correct stance?

You have to create three points of stability or support, so that nothing throws you off balance and this is achieved with your feet and the bridge.

Most of your weight is going to be on your feet so it should be well distributed.

Many people may feel comfortable if they put the knee of their back foot straight (used a lot in snooker), but if you bend both knees a little you will feel much better, especially if you are tall.

Some people bend both knees.

Always keep in mind that comfort and stability are key.

Before executing any shot, your center of sight and your line of sight should be in the same vertical plane during the shot, that is, once you make the shot you should not stand up but stay in the same position, to avoid unnecessary effects.

Keep your head down and your chin close to the cue to see your shot better.

These are the common mistakes you should not make:

  • Don’t put your two feet close together because it reduces your stability.
  • Don’t bend your knees too much, it can be tiring and less stable.
  • Don’t put too much weight on one foot. Again, it is very tiring and less stable.
  • When you hit the ball don’t stand up all at once.
    This is a common mistake that will cause you to give the ball unwanted spin.

Sometimes we have the back foot too far behind, this happens because we start creating the stance too far away from the pool table.

Another mistake is that the back foot overshoots the target line by several inches.

Now when I bend down to make the stance my grip is too close to the body, where it interferes with the hitting motion.


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