How to put the grip in billiards?


The grip refers to when you grasp the cue with your striking hand on the back of the pool cue.

The first action we take before approaching the pool table is to grab the cue.

The grip allows you to make accurate shots.

Normally people who are right handed, the grip is gripped with the right hand, this does not have to be strictly so, it is how you are used to gripping the cue.

It is said that a person is right-handed when in the grip area grips the cue with the right hand and left-handed when it is the opposite.

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Do not pick up the pool cue only with your fingertips.
Do not pick up the pool cue with your fingertips.
Tighten your hand a little more when holding the pool cue.
  • When you grip the cue, do it with your index and major, you can also add the ring finger, the thumb goes on the other side making a ring or closing with the index. Never put your thumb on top of the cue. The pressure of the grip should come from the front of the hand, while the back fingers should be open at the back.

  • Whenever you make the striking motion never move your wrist inward, always make a relaxed grip so that your hand is below your elbow.

  • When you pick up the cue stick always find the balance point and then bend down and put your hand under the elbow, never put your hand too far behind or too far in front of the elbow. And when you make the stroke your hand should end up forward with the cue on the cloth.

Many people have problems when making the grip by gripping the cue incorrectly and affecting their game, now I am going to show you how to do it correctly:

  • The grip should be comfortable and relaxed, not too firm or stiff, but not too loose either.
  • For shots that require a lot of force like the serve or the break, the grip should be firmer than normal but not stiff.
  • There should be a natural pivot point during the striking motion.
    The hand should be closed in front and open at the back.
  • The wrist should be fairly relaxed and hanging down, with the knuckles toward the ground.
  • It should be under the back foot.

And now what mistakes you should not make:

Do not bend the wrist when executing the shot
  • Do not hold the cue too firmly or stiffly.

  • Bending the wrist. This is a common mistake made by most players.

The purpose of the grip is to remove any unnecessary tension.

Always remember that when you hit the ball finish with the cue forward on the cloth and don’t get up quickly because with that movement you also affect the direction and spin of the cue ball.

To know exactly if you are holding the cue well, ask a friend or someone close to you to take a picture with your cell phone, so you will know what your mistake is and you will know how to correct it.


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