How to Have a Perfect Aim in Billiards?


Now let’s talk about where you must hit the object ball to pocket it.

The first thing you have to do is to pass a line through the center of the pocket and through the center of the object ball and place a ghost ball where it should be hit and put another imaginary line, this will help you where the cue ball should hit the object ball to pocket it.

In this example we pass another line in the center of the pocket and on the object ball, we put our ghost ball again, pass another line where the cue ball must hit and execute.

When we visualize a line with the ghost ball, always keep in mind that it must be in the center of the pocket because if it is to one side we can miss the shot.

This is very important because when you hit the center of the pocket and the ball opens up a little, you will still pocket the ball.

Pool aiming methods

  • Ghost ball
  • Contact point
  • Measuring the ball with the cue

Click on the video to see the 3 methods 👇


Place the balls as shown in the picture.


  1. Don’t do any practice hitting
  2. Try to make the shot mentally even before you stand on the table
  3. Make the shot when you position yourself to shoot.

This exercise emphasizes how important it is to visualize the table before executing a shot.

Then measure with your cue stick the center of the target ball and mentally use the ghost ball to know the ball spot where you should hit the target balls.

Finally, pocket all the balls.


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