Become a Professional Pool Player


You have mastered the basics of billiards, you are no longer a beginner.

Now you know how to position yourself, place your hands.

You are not a semi-professional either because you also master the break, the 30 and 90 degree rules, the English spin and you even know how to play on the kick shots and defend yourself.

To continue your adventure of being a great professional pool player, the next step is to know how to make jump shots correctly and do the massé.

And don’t forget to control the cue ball perfectly.

Surely you have thought that, since you are at this level, it is time to sign up for more serious tournaments and start getting sponsors, these topics I will be creating soon.

Once you have read and mastered each article, the next step is to do the pool pro drills.

In the meantime, here are the articles and drills to continue reaching your goals:



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