Backstroke in Billiards


The backstroke

This is the arm you use to make the stroke.

Now let’s talk about the length of our pool cue.

Always remember that the length of your cue stick determines the length of your grip stroke when it ends forward.

Now if I wanted to hit the cue ball hard and we will see that my backstroke is about 6 inches, so my forward wrist stroke will end at about 6 inches when I hit the cue ball.

When you want to make a soft stroke, the length of the pool cue should be less.

When you want to hit a soft ball it is good to move the bridge closer and when you want to hit harder, move the bridge away.

Remember if you are going to move the bridge back, to make a harder hit, you should place your grip under your elbow and repeat your stance.

Exercise to improve your Backstroke

It is better to use a plastic cup to avoid getting scolded at home for breaking several glass ones 😂


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