How to put the legs to play billiards?


For you to position your body correctly at the table, your feet should be:

  • Open about 45°.
  • The right foot in this case, must be in a straight line with the shot, always straight on the cue ball.
  • The left foot should be under the cue and the left hand.

This posture is for stability.

Many people ask me.

How do you put your legs? Straight or bent?

It depends, you can put them with:

  • Both legs straight
  • Both legs bent
  • One back leg straight and the other one bent
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The important thing is that your body is stable.

To test your stability get in the pulling position and ask a friend to give you a slight push, if you lose your balance, you do not have a stable position.

Depending on your height, you can position your legs in three ways.

If you are tall, normally your two legs should be bent to better reach the table.

If you are short, you should have both legs straight to better reach the table.

In case of the back leg straight and the other bent, it depends on how you feel better, this leg position is used a lot by snooker players.

How do you position your legs?


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