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When you go billiards is a lot of fun, it is a sport that takes dedication and time to learn.

Besides, with practice you will become the best.

I recommend that before choosing your pool cue, table and billiard accessories, you should take a look at your level of play in billiards, so that you will be more determined to win.

If you are going with friends to hang out at some bar or club, the accessories are already in place.

Unless you want to bring a pool cue (your life partner) you will find on this page.

Here I show you different types of quality and durable billiard cues for a lifetime.

There are some that are good, nice and cheap and other elite professional premium cues.

Lucasi The Premium Brand of Cues

It makes high-end cues, its fineness, quality wood and luxurious designs make the brand one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

According to a great research about what most pool players say about these cues, this is the Top 3 of the ones with the best performance, playability, how it feels, performs and best reviews on Amazon.

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Master Your Pool Game Book

Pool Cues

It is our tool with which we work our magic when playing billiards.

Billiard and snooker cues average between 57 to 59 inches or 140 to 150 cm in length and are of three main types.

  • One piece: usually found in pubs, bars, venues, billiard clubs for common use.
  • Two-piece: split in the middle for easy transport anywhere using a box, case or case.
  • Another two-piece variety: which is widely used in snooker, with a joint located three quarters of the cue, usually 12 to 16 inches from the end, known as three two-piece fours.

Billiard chalk

It is the most important element in billiards, which allows us to have a perfect grip between the tip of the cue and the cue ball.

But if we do not put chalk, when we make the shot with spin or a strong shot, the miscue will occur.

The miscue also occurs when the tip is very worn out, in that case you should replace it with a new one.

The tip come with different grades from very soft to very hard, which means that it can retain more or less chalk, the softer the tip, the more chalk it retains and vice versa.

Billiard tables

Billiards used to be played on tables made of different materials such as marble, iron, but nowadays wooden tables are used.

The billiard table is composed of rails, cushions, a playing surface and pockets.

The rails can be inlaid with diamonds, which are 1/4 wide and 1/8 long.

The diamonds are used to better measure shots with risers.

The slate is the flat part of the playing surface, upholstered with a cloth, usually green.

Famous brand name cloths are Simonis or Championship.

Free Billiards games

One of the games we play the most on our mobile is 8 Ball Pool, another famous game is cue club or pool 3D.

This is the best because we can play with other friends online from anywhere and show who is the best of all.

Although it is much better to play on a real table than in an online billiards and show what we are worth…