Correct Your Billiard Game: The Pool Cue and The Tip


To make good contact with the cue ball, the cue stick must be straight and the tip must be in good condition.

In addition, the cue should have a weight that is right for you, the weight ranges from 18 to 21 ounces.

There is no preference in the weight of the pool cue, it depends on the person, but be aware that a lighter cue is usually less stable, resulting in a less accurate shot.

The most important thing in the pool cue is the tip, if it is not properly shaped, textured and chalky, the probability of a miss increases.

A miss is when the tip loses firm contact with the cue ball during impact.

When you miscue, the billiard ball does not go on the line of fire, but goes sideways and makes a high-pitched sound.

Continue to perfect your billiard game by correcting the fundamentals of billiards.


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