The power of a good stroke in billiards


The stroke refers to the movement of your arm during the shooting.

Many things can go wrong with the stroke.

In fact, it’s where most players have problems.

Of all the topics we’ve covered so far, this is the one you need to focus on the most.

The most important thing to remember is to only move your elbow, keep your cue level with the table and resist moving your wrist during or after ball impact.

Stay focused on keeping the stroke straight and making it move forward.

Here are some tips on how to use them in action:

  • Keep your head and body still during the cue or cue ball stroke.
  • Keep your cue as level as possible.
  • During the stroke keep your chin attached or close to the cue watching the movement of the balls and the straight cue ending in the cloth.
  • Practice several times to make sure you make a correct stroke and avoid problems in the future.
  • During the final stroke, concentrate only on staying on the shooting line, with the cue ending in the cloth.
  • Your cue, the cue ball, the object ball and your eyes should be aligned in the same vertical plane, called the plane of strike.

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Compact stroke

Always make a pendulum motion and the only thing that moves is the forearm and a little bit of the wrist.

Now I’m going to show you some common mistakes that many good players make.

A lot of times when they grab the pool cue the grip is not under the elbow, but way in front, what happens with my elbow when I want to hit a ball, it goes up and then down, it’s not what you want.

Now I’ll show you how to correct it, here I am again with the grip way in front of the elbow, so what a lot of players do when they are in this situation is they just put their hand back under the elbow.

So you can see I made the correction, where it should be, to make a compact stroke.

In this example you will see that my grip is behind my elbow and it is difficult to move it, you must make the correction and execute the shooting.

The less unnecessary movements you make when hitting the balls, the less chance of something going wrong.


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