Having an iron mentality in billiards


If you want to achieve something, first put it in your mind and then do it.

To have an iron mentality you must work hard on these different components.

  • Your self-esteem
  • Your self-confidence
  • Letting go of whims
  • Perseverance
  • Having fun
  • Managing your emotions
  • Managing your thoughts

You must recognize what you are worth, find out what your virtues and defects are.

Work more on your defects than on your virtues.

Many people after a defeat feel that they are worthless in any aspect of their life, have a lot of pressure from friends, family, etc. and feel that they have let themselves down.

These are limits that you put on yourself, because you have low self-esteem. You must stop these negative thoughts about yourself.

With a high self-esteem you will know how to balance things and see things from a positive point of view.

If you gave your maximum effort to win but you haven’t done it yet, go ahead and don’t give up, you will see that later on you will have the prize.

You must keep working, trusting and persevering in your game, develop your skills and always give your all.

Self-confidence is vital, if you have poor confidence, you will never be able to perform to your true potential.

If you are conceited, capricious and you are used to receive everything without deserving it, it will only cause you not to take responsibility for your actions, you will look for excuses for your defeats instead of assuming them as your own.

You must accept your victories and defeats, not get angry, see where you failed and work on it.

Defeats are where you learn the most, defeats should be seen as circumstances that allow you to realize the points to reinforce or work harder, both in practice and in tournaments, they are ways to continue learning and advancing in billiards.

A high capacity for perseverance is fundamental to reach the top.

The fun, this many times, begins to fade in tournaments.

Sometimes I ask this question to some fellow billiards players, who get so frustrated:

Why do you play pool?

Many times over time and because of many tournaments, they start to forget the most important thing, which should be: Because we like it and we enjoy it.

They forget something so basic, because they have fallen so hard from the competition, that they don’t even know why they do it, they just do it.

All successful billiard players do not forget this, we even enjoy it when there is a super difficult and complicated ball, we take it as a challenge and execute it, it makes us bring out the best of ourselves, and competing with the best, makes us even better.

If you don’t have a lot of fun playing pool, you won’t last long competing in tournaments, you will give up easily.

You must not let negative emotions, such as anger, frustration or rage control you. They will drain you of all your energy and take your focus off your goal.

Your mind is constantly talking to you, so you should always think positive thoughts.

Your body does what you say with your mind.

If your mind says “I can’t do it”, you won’t do it, unless you change your thoughts to positive, if you say, “I can do it”, it will increase your performance achieving what you set out to do.

You must work and improve your mind to have an iron mentality.


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