The Power of Visualization in Billiards


Our mind is very powerful, it can create and attract whatever we desire, good or bad.

Confucius said: “Those who say they can and those who say they can’t both are usually right”.

You have to be careful with what you think, never think negative, always think positive, positive beats negative.

You always have to face everything in a positive way. Problems should be called challenges.

If you have a lot of imagination and you concentrate well, visualization will help you achieve all your goals and dreams.

I am going to show you how powerful the power of visualization is.

Read this exercise and then do it in a quiet place.

Close your eyes, imagine that you are arriving to a field, the landscape is green, you breathe fresh air, the sky is blue without clouds and the sun is bright, you have a smile on your face of how wonderful that landscape looks, everything is quiet, the birds are singing, a soft breeze starts to caress your face, then you see to your right a lemon tree, the lemons are half way up, you approach and take a lemon with your right hand, you feel its skin, its color is yellow, you bring it close to your nose and feel the smell of lemon, now take the knife that you have in your pants pocket and cut the lemon in half, now the smell of lemon becomes more intense, take a bite and feel that it is a little sour but it is good and you eat it…

Open your eyes.

What you have just done the brain relates it as something real, that is why visualization is important.

To achieve something you first have to have it in your mind and then achieve it.

You can apply this perfectly to billiards and any other goal or dream you desire.

At home or before every game of pool sit in a chair, close your eyes and visualize getting to the pool table, take the cue, practice a little first, make the break, spread all the billiard balls, look at the table and think how to hit the ball, placing the cue ball where you want, do it with all the balls until the end of the game, visualize yourself winning the game.

Do this exercise once a day.

Also when you are at the pool table and after the break, look at the table, look at the position of each ball and make a mental map of how you are going to pocket each ball until you reach the 8, 9 or any game mode.

  • Think only when you are standing looking at the table, when you bend down to shoot don’t think, just execute the shot, three swing and zaz the ball goes in.

As for life, take a sheet, paper, pen and write the script of the movie of your life, from the beginning to achieve your goals, with all the details, you review it mentally once a day without fail.

Do it first with short goals, write a plan of how you are going to achieve it, every day you read it and of course you act, you should not leave it for tomorrow.

This is exactly what you should do:

  • Focus on a single goal, a single dream.
  • Write your dream or goal on a piece of paper, write down why you are doing it and how important it is for you. Read it every day
  • Think that you have already achieved it
  • Day after day take small steps
  • Work hard until you achieve it, never give up.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.
  • Think positive, visualize everything first in your mind and then do it until you achieve it.


One way or another the universe will move and little by little everything will fall into place for you to reach your goals or dreams that you set out.

At least 1 hour a day do these exercises, when you visualize think that everything you just thought, you have already achieved.

What did you feel when you ate the lemon?


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