How to stop negative thoughts in Billiards?


If you talk about something as if it has already happened, it changes everything.

Because your mind stores it as a past event. So it sees it as a fact.

A while ago when I went to my second senior pool tournament, I was super nervous, and every time I went to tournaments I was worried, scared and nervous.

One day I went to the tournament but before I went, I talked about the tournament as if it had already happened.

So I started saying to a friend:

“Do you remember when I went to that tournament and everything went perfect for me? I don’t know what happened to me, but I started to play perfect and I started to feel really good, pocketing all the hard balls and putting the cue ball behind the next ball.”

As I kept talking like that, my mind started to see it as totally possible and I felt great. 

Suddenly, the stress I had for a long time started to disappear.

That tournament was the first one I won at the senior level.

I made a change in my mentality, before I was telling myself things like:

  • I am not bad
  • I can’t lose
  • I hope I don’t get the tough ones
  • I don’t want to miss the last ball

And it was totally the opposite, because our mind does not understand the word NO.

My mind would play a video of those situations, for example: I imagined myself losing, I would hit the hard ones, I would miss the last balls.

Then I said to myself, what am I doing wrong? I practice every week but I don’t win the decisive games.

I changed my words, I changed the videos in my mind:

  • I am very good
  • I already won the game
  • Whoever touches me, I always play perfect
  • I hit every ball whether it’s easy or hard
  • I won the tournament

Negative thoughts will annoy you all the time, that’s why I want you to change the messages you tell yourself, talk and think positive.

Tell me about your experience when you say positive phrases to yourself?


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