How to put your arm on the cue stick to shoot well


When you are going to pick up the cue stick you always have to find the balance point.

To find your balance point hold the cue parallel to the cue stick and with one hand find where the balance point is.

When you find it, your right or left hand, with which you hold the cue in the grip area, should be below the elbow, as in the picture.

The left arm in this case, has to be under your left foot.

Never put your hand too far back, you will not have the right strength to hit the ball and also when you are going to swing the cue will come out of the bridge.

Incorrect arm position

Do not put your hand too far forward because you will not have the right balance and you will not be able to hit the balls correctly, your arm will be forced a lot and you will have a lot of fatigue.

Also note in the picture how the elbow goes up, this is not what you want to happen.

These two mistakes are very common, you will see it often in places where you play pool.

The correct way is with your hand under your elbow.

Remember to always finish with the cue forward on the cloth.

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