Semi Professional


You are in the middle of the road and eager to continue.

The main objective of billiards is to pocket all the billiard balls before the opponent and after each shot to place the cue ball in perfect position for the next ball.

That is why it is important to make the break to get all the balls spread out, with the main and side spins, you will be able to pocket all the balls, more easily.

If you want to pocket a ball that is covered, you have several options, concentrate, look at the table well before shooting, play with the rails or play safetie shots, if the shot is very difficult.

Defending is ideal for when your opponent has few balls left to win the game and you are not sure if you can pocket a ball.

You could also jump the ball or make a massé, however, this already belongs to the professional level.

To perfect your game practice with this exercise plan for the semi-professional level.

Below are the posts you should read and practice:



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