Learn how to control the cue ball in billiards


Many people focus on pocketing only one ball, forgetting the others.

The important thing in billiards is to know how to control the cue ball.

This allows you to place it where you want to pocket the next ball.

We can control it using the spins along with the speed.

And if you use visualization even better.

These shots should be practiced a lot because sometimes you can hit it too loose or too strong, it also depends on the type of cloth.

There are some cloths that are faster or slower depending on their quality.

If you go to a billiard club that you are not used to, I recommend you to hit the cue ball several times against the cushion to measure the speed.

After 10 shots you will get the hang of it.

To learn to control the cue ball correctly you don’t need a lot of theory.

It takes more practice, with these exercises you will develop your game to perfection.

Exercise controlling the cue ball

In this rotation exercise, you must pocket the billiard balls in numerical order.

Starting with the 1-ball until you get in good position for the 2-ball and then for the 3-ball.

If you fail, start over.

Do it 3 times a week.

Exercise controlling the cue ball

This other exercise you must pocket the balls in numerical order and then do another one without order.

The ideal is to finish the exercise without failing, if you do, start again.

Do it 3 times a week and you will see how your level of play begins to increase.


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