How to make the break in billiards?


One of the most rewarding parts and where many people vent their anger is the break.

Many players believe that the break is the most important, but it is not true.

What is important is that after the break you leave the cue ball stopped or in stop, as in this image.

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The first stroke of a game is called a break. A break that is hit very hard is called a power break.

A good power break is important and can give you a big advantage.

The purpose of making a power break is to create as much ball movement as possible, to pocket the balls and to increase the chances of getting the table open, i.e. the balls are separated so you can achieve the “Holy Grail of Billiards“.

9-ball break

The most important attribute of a power break is solid contact with the 1-ball or first ball.

Another important attribute is cue ball control.

Ideally, the cue ball delivers all of its energy and stops near the center of the table, without too much movement after hitting the balls and hopefully they will be separated to pick up the table.

A good break should generally comply with the following:

  • Make the break from the target line near the center of the table or in the center, so that the cue ball is as close to the balls as possible.
  • Use a heavier cue or a special cue to make the break.
  • Use the bridge with a longer distance than normal, to allow for a longer stroke.
  • Use a closed bridge for more stability.
  • Use a firmer grip than normal and take the cue further back to allow for more power during the stroke.
9-ball break
  • Keep your upper body more upright than normal, with your weight more forward, to allow more power transfer to the cue.

  • Keep your back leg straighter than normal and firmly planted to create more stability and allow for more power.

  • When making the stroke let your cue rest on the pool table.

  • The most important thing is to hit as straight as possible.

  • Keep the cue as level as possible during the stroke to prevent the cue ball from leaving the table. When popping the cue ball off the table during the break, which is common with some inexperienced players, this usually occurs because the cue ball rises slightly and hits the main ball above the center.

To pocket the 8-ball on the break, which results in a win according to some rules, make a shot from the corner and hit the first and second balls at right angles.

8-ball break
  • Now, if you don’t want to hit with your professional cue to avoid those annoying moments when your beloved pool cue’s sole flies off or your bushing breaks… What a pain!!!! Use a special cue for these cases.

You can check out a good Break cue here:

Testimonial 1:

“Nice weight and balance

Testimonial 2:

“Good cue for the price.”

Testimonial 1:

“I really like this break cue!

I used this cue for a couple years before the ferrule broke.

Our entire pool team basically used it to break every match, every week, for years before the tip needed to be replaced.

I am not picky about break cues…

I just like having a break cue that I can abuse to save the soft tip on my normal playing cue.

This thing isn’t fancy but it will take some ABUSE, and it will CRUSH the rack.

At this price, I definitely recommend it!”

Testimonial 2:

“I got tired of hunting up a break cue in the local halls and having to depend on a stick that may or may not be in very good condition and so I decided to get a break cue of my own.

After reading reviews I felt comfortable enough to buy this stick.

It’s well-made and straight. It has a strong joint.

23 ounces.

It feels good.

I do not like the hard,hard tip as it has led to loss of cue ball control on the breaks, at least for me.

If you like hard tips you’ll love this one.

It is thick so there is plenty of room for shaping.

I glued a 13mm Elkmaster tip on this evening and expect to be a lot happier with breaks.

It might be Canadian maple but is made in China.

At least they got something right with this stick.”

Testimonial 1:

“I was afraid I went a little light on my weight, but it had no effect on the break.

Great look and feel with a solid hit.

Very snappy and responsive for jump shots.

Would definitely order again!”

Testimonial 2:

“Really happy with this purchase.

Glad that i went with the 21oz too!

Gives it the extra power i was looking for to counter the English i use during breaks.”

Tell me how many times have you pocketed the 8 or 9 ball on the break?


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