How to make a safety shot in Billiads?


A safety is a legal shot where you miss the shot on purpose with the objective of leaving the cue ball in a difficult position for your opponent.

After this defense your opponent is sure to miss and you will get ball in hand.

A defensive play is a technique you use when you are not confident in executing a shot.

Safety shot

The objective of a defense is to leave the cue ball in a difficult position if you miss the shot and at the same time favorable if you pocket your ball.

Favorable for you is that you can make another shot or have the opportunity to make a safety.

Or unfavorable for your opponent in which he is not able to make an easy shot or give you a safety and hopefully you will have ball in hand.

Often, the biggest obstacle for beginner or intermediate players with making defensive shots or safeties, is being uncomfortable with the idea of not making an offensive shot.

Sometimes it is better to miss a shot skillfully than to attempt a risky and difficult shot.

Some people consider a safety or a defensive shot to be for weak or even dumb people.

The truth is that this is ridiculous; safeties or defensive shots are very important aspects of the game of billiards.

These types of shots require careful strategy and a lot of skill, and a good shot of this kind separates a great player from a good player.

If you find yourself playing with an inexperienced opponent in a bar, for example, who does not appreciate the skill involved in playing safeties and defensive shots, try to disguise your safeties as a “wrong shot” by adding a dramatic sigh or half-arguing for having “missed” the shot.

Many times these players will try it on you with the same strategy and laughing on the inside.

Defense and safe shots are fine.

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If you are not completely confident of executing a shot, plan a defensive shot or play the safety.

  • Playing a defensive shot or safety is skillful, not embarrassing.
  • A safety is much better, increasing your chances of winning, than a desperation shot.
  • A well-planned safety is often a better option than playing a difficult shot.
  • A good player can often pick up the table and win, thanks to the ball in hand.

One of the basic principles of defensive 8-ball play is to block the pocket with a ball using a soft stroke.

In 8-ball, hit soft balls whenever possible so that if you miss a shot, you leave that target ball near or blocking the pocket.

Sometimes blocking the pocket does more damage than pocketing the shot.

If in the end you couldn’t block the pocket with this defense, try to get the cue ball in a difficult position for your opponent.

As my friend Arturo says, evil first. 😂😂😂

Safeties are used a lot for very difficult shots or for impossible shots.

Safeties can also be used when you are faced with a forced shot, and you have the opportunity to leave your opponent in an extremely difficult situation.

In either case, the objective for executing a safety is to have ball-in-hand so that your opponent cannot execute a legal shot (no fouls) and then you play your safety.

A good player with ball in hand can usually win the game, unless the distribution of balls on the table is difficult (if there are several balls together).

The best offense is a good defense.

Think about it!!!

Do you make a lot of safety shots?


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