What is the best billiard cloth to play at home?


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The felts or cloths are the cloth where the billiard balls will slide to be pocketed.

It is very important to choose the right one as there are different types of cloths.

Slow, fast and very fast cloths, each one has its different uses.

If you have years without changing the cloth of your pool table, it is torn, burned or with spots, it is time to make the change.

And it also gives better performance to your billiard game, it is recommended to change the cloth every 6 months of use.

Fast or slow cloths?

Most cloths are made from wool and a percentage of polyester or nylon.

The way the cloth is woven, the quality of the wool and the manufacturing process determine how good or bad the cloth will be.

That is, whether it will be more or less heavy and that will make the balls roll fast or slow.

Depending on how they handle the material, there are two types of cloths:

  • Woolen Cloth or those that are made of wool.
  • Worsted Wool are made of combed wool.

Woolen Cloth are thicker, heavier and slower, usually found on coin-operated or recreational pool tables.

Worsted Wool are thinner, faster and more expensive, they are used on competition tables.

The interlacing or braiding of the weave is perfect so that in the long run it does not create knots that alter the direction of the billiard balls.

Most used cloths

They are the Simonis or Championship brand.

Snooker table cloths

The best snooker cloths are manufactured by Strachan company.

Best selling billiard cloths

Testimonial 1:

“After self installation of this felt, I can say that Simonis is clearly the best cloth you can buy for a table. Top rated material, smooth, fast and reactive as I would have expected from such material. I chose not to replace the rail felt, which is black. The wine felt with black rails looks unbelievable, and there hasn’t been anyone who has seen and played on it who didn’t comment how nice it was“.

Testimonial 2:

“This is great fabric nicely cut and ready for installation. I installed it myself with 3M Super 90 only. I also did the rails. My first install and working methodically with the Simonis videos I was able to get a perfect result. The wine color is so cool. This is the best“.

Testimonial 1:

“I paid full price for the Felt, so my review is unbiased and based solely on the merits of the company and product.

This is the 3rd pool table I have renewed, back to playable.
The company sells this felt at a price point below any other supplier I have found.

Quality is excellent, there have been no defects detected in the material.

Piling is a sign of poor quality felt, the fibers are well bound, and overall no Piling during rub tests which would indicate poor manufacturing.

The Piling test passed with flying colors.
Color Fast test, passed with flying marks.

Color Fast is very important as failure in any part of the cloth can be a disaster leaving any wet spot especially with Burgundy will fade and then you have light and dark spots also a danger if you happen to have a wet sleeve and rub against the felt it could damage the shirt you are wearing as well.

Strength test passed as well with flying colors.

Lastly quantity, do you get enough material to allow for error, YES YES YES.

The Company not only cut the felt with room to spare allowing for less experienced individual to GET ER DONE.

Rail felt was not only Cited it was precut with room to spare, very generous cuts.

Shipping, very fast and well packaged.
Lastly, did I get everything the company claims with the order,,, YES.

I received everything they claimed, the two pieces of matching chalk was in the box as was the Spots.

Lastly I have in the past paid a little over 300 at a local supplier in the city for felt, the felt was cut so close any error on my part would have been a disaster.

Also the expensive felt was no better.

The Rails were not Cited and were not pre-cut.

The company should be commended for quality, and most important I ordered for an 8 foot table, I had enough to cover a 9 easily with just a bit extra stretching.

Testimonial 2:

“The Championship cloth may not play as fast as Simonis or other speed cloth, but it installs much easier on the rails (stretches easier without wrinkling).

Also, I personally like it better because it allows me more cue ball control after contact, since the ball decelerates at a predictable rate, vs. ultra high end cloths which to me, seem like playing on glass.

My table had an old green cloth and now it looks absolutely beautiful in burgundy which matches the room.

Also, the cost is so low that I’m not at all concerned about any potential future damage.

One thing to note is that the cloth has an up and a down side, which look (to me) identical.

There are little stickers on each of the pieces indicating which side is up.

Make sure you don’t remove them when ironing out the wrinkles from packaging.”

More economical billiard cloths or felts

Testimonio 1:

“I had recently purchased a used 8′ Olhausen and reinstalled the original table covering.

In anticipation of recovering one day, I wanted the experience with the previous cloth.

But after having played on the table for a few months, I knew it was time to recover the whole thing.

It’s only been on the table for a week but I am completely satisfied with my installation (thanks Youtube and Legacy Billiards) along with the worsted ProForm 8′ High Speed Professional Pool Table Cloth. It’s like having a completely new table!!

Going from the original burgundy to tournament green was the right decision.

My vision seems to be better and the worsted cloth allows me to actually apply english.

I completely when the extra mile before installing.

The slate was gone over with a fine toothed comb and all deficiencies were addressed with a Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty.

Along with one small adjustment to make the table as perfectly level as I could get.

First impressions are amazing with this product.

It wasn’t the most expensive or the least expensive worsted material but at present have no regrets.

Testimonio 2:

“This is not your typical “felt” fabric for your pool table. It is a great fabric and has a fast action on your table. It does not shed fibers and doesn’t show a lot of the marking that a “felt” cloth shows. It comes cut for the rails and the main table.

“Material is strong and beautiful. Definitely would purchase again.

We refelted an 8′ and the material was more than sufficient.

Colour listed was Tan.

Was expecting it to be lighter shade BUT we were pleasantly surprised that it was darker.

THANK GOD because we wanted camel but it wasn’t listed so….

Yay!! We ‘re happy

Clean your billiard cloth

Many people clean the cloth with a special soft brush to avoid tearing the cloth, below are a few.

But lately they are using household cleaning robots, they do a better job and automatically.

You leave it loaded and it only does the dirty work, in one or two hours you will have your cloth like new.

“I have Simonis felt on my table and this cleaning tool is the best .

I use a small little brush for the sides and the pockets then finish my cleaning with this tool.

No more large brushing nor small vacuuming.

If you have Simonis felt and you would like to keep it looking new then this the way to go.

“Used it with a 12-18 inch microfiber squeegee only and it worked great for cleaning up chalk dust.

Not great for stains.

Price for this I have to say was too expensive in my opinion buy I am impressed with how quickly it did pick up the chalk dust..

In order to give it a good cleaning you have to spray quite a bit on the table….but better than a vacume cleaner.

As expensive as this was, I would buy again, but I’m going to use my supply very sparingly and maybe even dilute it as I start running low in order to postpone paying such a high price for more product

Robot vacuum cleaners to clean your pool table

I have many friends that instead of brushing their pool tables, they use a robot vacuum cleaner to take care of the job.

The truth is that it is a marvel, it leaves it completely clean.

I asked my friends which vacuums they use and they are these:

Testimonial 1:

“I bought the original Roomba when it came out in late 2002.

Since then, I’ve had a few upgraded versions, with the last being a 980 that I bought, literally, a week before they came out with the “name your rooms” mapping feature and self-emptying bin option.

I was pretty bummed, but the 980 was definitely the best of my previous Roombas.

I liked being able to see where it went on a cleaning run, but it seemed to miss a lot of areas for no apparent reason.

I decided I had to wait a few years to upgrade to a self-emptying model, and I guess I’m glad I did.

The j7+ Homebase fits under one of my mud room cubbies (the previous self-emptying bin was too tall to live there), and though it’s still mapping my house (so I haven’t been able to name rooms yet), I can tell this will be a game-changer.

It’s SO much quieter than the 980.

My wood floors and area rugs looked transformed after just one pass through the kitchen, and it just naturally wants to cover more territory than the 980, which would frequently quit and declared the job done after only half (or less) of my main floor.

It looks like j7+ wants to do the whole floor unless he gets stuck under the buffet in my dining room (which happens all the time to both Roombas unless I barricade the area).

The j7+ hasn’t sent me a photo of any obstacles yet, but he’s performed well on tassels and the high-pile water-absorbing rugs I have by my doors for my dog.

My dog doesn’t shed, and I haven’t seen what the j7+ picked up yet because, happily, I don’t have to touch anything (so far).

But like I said, it’s doing well on all my rugs despite what another reviewer said about its inferior suction.

I’ll update more as I get to use more features, but so far, I’m thrilled with this Roomba.”

Testimonial 2:

“This robot does everything that my roomba i7+ did but better.

The built in detection of obstacles and avoidance is top notch.

I’m really glad I gave this roomba a chance because they got everything right this time.

It takes pictures of things it avoided and has you review so you can teach it what to do on the next encounter.

It has yet to fail at doing its job and returning for charging.

My i7 would regularly get stuck and just give up. I would have to hunt it down with a dead battery the next morning.

This robot avoids the pitfalls and doesn’t get into trouble. If it’s your 1st, lucky you.

You will never know the headaches of the older models.

If you are considering an upgrade, do it. This is a solid robot.”

This is my second robo-vac purchase.

My first one was a Deebot, which I thought was pretty good for the $200 I spent on it (it was a Black Friday Deal last year).

Well after a few months of running it every single day, I have a lab retriever in the house so lots of shedding, it started to act up.

One of the driving wheels would occasionally get “stuck” and it would stop running, I would have to stop what I was doing and go manually reset it!

This got old quick!

Also the suction power dramatically reduced for no apparent reason.

So for the last few months I’ve been wanting to purchase a new one, but didn’t want another Deebot (I wont go into much more about that since this is about the Coredy).

There were a few things in particular that I was looking for in the new vac-bot.

1. I liked the dual sweeping side brushes that the Deebot had, the Coredy has this.

2. I wanted something that solely vacuumed, not vac/mop which the Deebot did, It allows for a larger dust bin/vac motor.

3. I wanted something with more suction power, the Deebot was good but in the words of Tim The Tool man Taylor “MORE POWER!”

4. In addition to more power I wanted it to make less noise (hard trade off, but this bot does it!)

5. In case there are any issues that can’t be fixed by me, I wanted an actual customer service number that I could call with an actual human being, with actual knowledge about the product to help me, did not get that with Deebot.

6. I did NOT want a Roomba! (Too pricey for what it is)

So with those few things in mind I started to search Amazon to see what I could find.

After about 4 or 5 different products and their reviews I came across the Coredy.

It had some of the highest reviews, and it met all 6 of my wants, well the customer service part has yet to been used, so may have to revisit that one!

But overall I highly recommend this product.

1. The dual sweeping side brushes work great for cleaning a wider area & it comes with an extra set.

2. The larger dust bin allows for a larger collection and run time between it being emptied.

3. The suction power is fantastic, it has 3 modes; low which is 600Pa, “smart mode”, where it’s suction power is on low and if it runs onto carpet and needs more power it will automatically boost itself up to 1000Pa, and high which is 1600Pa.

4. It is significantly quieter than my Deebot was, even on high suction mode Coredy is no louder than a box fan on medium speed.

The low speed function is amazingly quiet.

5. Again haven’t had any issues yet, but when/if I do I will report back about the customer service.

6. It’s NOT a Roomba! My in-laws have one, it has one sweeping brush and a fraction of the suction power and collection capacity of the Coredy.

Also they paid over $300 for theirs from Costco, the only benefit they have over mine is that they can take it back whenever, for whatever reason they want, got to love Costco!

7. One more added benefit to this unit, is that it has a one year limited warranty against any kind of defects that are not your fault.

Which if you using this thing like you should be, you should have any issues.

But after my previous bot had the random stuck wheel and loss of suction, I like that added benefit of a manufacture warranty.

Which I didn’t know about at the time of purchase, so win on that!

In the box you get the vacuum, the charging station, a remote, an extra filter and set of side brushes, & instructions (obviously).

Also there is an app you can download that shows you all of the info about the bot; battery life, suction power setting, what mode its in, a find my bot function that locates it when it gets lost, the ability to set cleaning schedules, run time and the accessories lifetime left (the side brushes and filter life).

So far it has been worth the money spent, and its about $70 cheaper than the Costco Roomba!

If your looking for a great product that gives you awesome results and you don’t want to spend a fortune, look no further than Cordey!

[VIDEO] How to change the felt or billiard cloth yourself?


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