What is miscue in billiards and how to avoid it?


The miscue, is when the tip loses firm contact with the cue ball during the impact, the billiard ball does not go on the shooting line, but it goes sideways and makes a very sharp sound.

This miscue also occurs when the tip is very worn, in which case it should be replaced with a new one.


  • To avoid missing every shot you should put chalk on the cue.
  • Change the bushing when it wears out.
  • If you want the cue ball to jump you must hit from top to bottom, otherwise it is a foul and it is your opponent’s turn.

Many of the misses on backhands occur because the bushing contacts the cloth before the cue ball, this produces a bottom to top hit, which causes the cue ball to jump and sometimes tear the cloth.

How to avoid making a miscue?

To avoid making a miscue, you should use the billiard chalk.

It guarantees a perfect grip between the tip of the cue and the cue ball.

But if you don’t put chalk on the tip of the cue stick, when you want to give an effect to the cue ball or make a powerful shot, you will make a miscue.

For all of us who play billiards it is a habit to use chalk, many times this is useful to relax while we think about how to hit the ball or what the next shot is going to be or to eliminate any doubt when we are not sure what shot to make.

The tips of the cues come in a variety of different grades: from very soft to very hard.

Depending on this variable they may retain more or less chalk, the softer the tip, the more chalk it will retain and vice versa.

From now on, start putting chalk on all your shots unless you use a high-end chalk, which you can throw more than 10 times without producing a miscue.

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