Who is Xavi Vall?

My name is Xavi Vall, I started playing pool when I was 12 years old, at the Club Casa de España in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Friends of Casa de España in the DR

When I first entered the Club’s game room, I completely fell in love with billiards.

I went every day to play uncoordinated billiards, until Papo, who took care of the game room, came and taught me the basics, how to place my hands to take a pool cue.

Xavi Vall 1st Place

With time, hard work and dedication I became a professional player, winning championships in the country in individual and team format.

Billiard teammates, Casa de España, DR

I began to teach my methodology to all my friends and acquaintances because I saw that they made the same mistakes I did when I started playing.

I started to give billiard lessons and at the same time we organized tournaments to measure the level of our game.

Organizing mini tournaments at the Club

In 2009 I started looking for websites that would teach me how to improve my game, at that time there was little talk about billiards.

I created a Billiard Blogspot to gather information, and over time it became the largest and most visited website in Spanish, Aprender Billar.

Teaching hand positioning in billiards

By 2022, +1 million people have learned to play billiards through my in-person classes, website, social media and books.

Giving Billiard classes at La Sala 2021

It all starts by taking a small step, trusting in yourself and the desire to help others to be better.

Xavi Vall, Carlos Durán, David Sotelo, Manuel Vicente

I have won quite a few pool tournaments, however, the best prize for me is meeting wonderful human beings, which I love to talk to and help.

Xavi Vall author of 3 books

In June 2021 I published my second Billiards book and in August 2023 (Updated) it is now in its 3rd edition, titled: “Master Your Pool Game in less than 3 Weeks“.