How to play Straight Pool, 14.1 or 14.1 continuous


Straight Pool or 14.1 billiards

Also known as 14.1 continuous.

It is a variant of billiards in which 2 players play.

Players can pocket any object ball on the table without grouping or ranking.

The only criteria in a game of 14.1 billiards is that players must announce each ball before attempting to pocket it.

Why is it called billiards 14.1?

When the players have taken their turn to pocket 14 of the 15 balls during the game, all the billiard balls are reassembled.

The one remaining object ball, along with the cue ball, remain on the table where they are located.

The 14 balls are put back into the triangle, in no specific order and leaving the space where the first ball would go, free.

Straight Pool

Now, the player who pocketed the last object ball tries to break the triangle while pocketing the last remaining object ball on the table with one stroke and opening the table (scattering the balls of the triangle).

Hence the name “billiards 14.1” arises in reference to this unique system of continuous play.

When a player misses a ball, it is the next player’s turn.

How is Straight Pool played?

The game starts with a player breaking the triangle of balls in the straight pool and trying to pocket as many balls as possible during his turn.

The player has to call each ball he is aiming at and the pocket he is aiming at.

As each ball must be chanted, ideally the balls should be pocketed one at a time.

When a player misses a pocket, the next player takes his turn.

Once 14 of the 15 target balls have been pocketed, players reset the mallet and play continues instead of restarting a new round.

The remaining object ball stays where it is and the cue ball remains in its last position.

The player who has pocketed the 14th object ball continues his turn and tries to pocket the remaining ball while breaking the triangle of balls.

Scoring in Straight Pool

Players attempt to pocket any object ball at any time during the game.

As there is no ranking or hierarchy, the scoring system is of the same level.

Each object ball pocketed is worth 1 point.

The points for each cue are tabulated and, at the end, the player with the highest number of points wins the game.

Straight pool games are usually played to 150 points, although this may vary depending on the length of the game.

Straight Pool Rules

  • Each player must call the object ball he intends to pocket.
  • If a player pockets the cue ball, it is a Scratch.
  • Then the opponent has the cue ball in his hand and may place it anywhere behind the head string for his next shot.
  • If the cue ball does not hit any of the object balls, it is still a Scratch.
  • If the cue ball does not touch any of the rails on the table after hitting an object ball, it is a Scratch.
  • There is no consequence for pocketing the 8-ball before pocketing the other object balls.
  • After pocketing the 14th object ball, the last player must continue his play when the set is reassembled by first pocketing the remaining 15th ball of the last set while breaking the triangle of balls in the straight pool.

A scratch is when you pocket the cue ball in the hole.

Download the complete rules:

Current Straight Pool Record

The current straight pool record to date is 714 by Jayson Shaw in 2022.

The previous record was 626, set by John Schmidt in 2019.

The old record of 526 by Willie Mosconi, set in 1954, was broken.

[VIDEO] How to play 14.1 or Straight pool?

This is the final between Fedor Gorst vs Joshua Filler 2021 of the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship.


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