Types of Billiards


Modalities is the same as how many types of billiards exist in the world.

Today I show you the most played worldwide and that you will find when traveling to any country or in any TV sports channel.

If you travel to the United Kingdom you will find in bars, the modality called BlackBall and in pool halls or exclusive places you will see Snooker.

In Spain you will also find Blackball, 8-ball in pubs and carom 3-Cushion is seen more in specific clubs, there are few Snooker rooms.

In France, 3-cushion carom is predominant.

In Russia you will see a lot of Russian Pyramid and Snooker.

In the United States you will mostly find 9-ball and 10-ball, also 8-ball.

In Latin America there are variants of 8-ball pool with different rules in each place or country, you must get used to their rules to avoid problems.

In Brazil there is Sinuca, which are tables with smaller pockets.

Depending on what country you are from or what country you go to it is important to master at least 3 of these modalities, at least to know the basics of each one.

Here are the most played billiard modalities in the world:

Bola 8
Partida de bola 9 con tiza de billar
Billar pool 10
Carom 3-Cushion
Bolas de snooker
Russian Pyramid
Straight Pool