Creating a mental shield against distractions in Billiards


Find a quiet place in your home, where you are seated and comfortable.

Close your eyes, think that from your mind comes out a bubble of your favorite transparent color that surrounds your whole body.

Imagine that you are yelled at and bad words are said to you, but thanks to this bubble it doesn’t let anything happen.

It’s like the Matrix movie when Neo stops the bullets, it’s the same, the bubble doesn’t allow anything to hurt you.

Every time a situation like this happens to you, imagine a bubble around your body and all the words that are said to you bounce out.

Play deaf, hear nothing, get into that state of mind where you are concentrating so deep that there is only you and the pool table.

An excellent exercise to train that part:

Tell your friends to yell at you, call you names and stand in front of the pocket that you are going to pocket the ball, making movements with the cue, or a cross on the pocket (many do it simulating bad luck).

And your exercise is to do the mental bubble, don’t listen to them and just focus on pocketing the balls.

When you master this exercise, nothing and no one will be able to distract you.

Do you get distracted very often?


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