Moving Forward and Overcoming Obstacles in Pool


Perseverance is the ability to keep going despite obstacles, difficulties, discouragement, boredom, frustration, or one’s own desire to give up.

Being a perseverant person will help you finish what you have started, try again after an initial failure, pursue your dreams, goals or objectives.

Many times when you are just starting out, you will get discouraged and want to give up, but this is only one step.

Many lose interest easily and give up at the slightest difficulty, giving up is not an option.

You must keep going, give it your all, keep practicing and practicing.

Other times you will not get everything right the first time but you must keep going until you get that difficult shot, that shot hit to the rail, or that straight ball.

Practice and keep practicing is the key, never give up and always think positive.

Imagine a little movie in your mind of how to execute that ball and then do it.

I assure you it will work 100%.

The good thing about this is that you can also apply it in other situations and not only in billiards.


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