Tips for Beginner Pool Players


Every professional or expert in a field started sometime from the beginning, from the bottom.

If you are thinking of starting to play billiards, either for fun or wanting to become an expert, we have a series of tips for you.

You have to give it your all

It may sound a bit cliché, but with any sport you’re going to need to invest your time and always have a positive attitude.

You’re not going to learn everything the first day… you need patience and a good philosophy.

Making mistakes is the most normal and in fact, the best way to learn.

If you take lessons or play with people better than you, take advantage of the opportunity and don’t go without playing because of embarrassment or pride.

Playing with people who already know what to do gives you a golden opportunity: they can observe and correct you and you can imitate them.

Don’t take it as an occasion to lose a game, but as a chance to learn more in order to win the next one.

Also, think if the situation were the other way around, if you are an expert in something and you can help others to learn, you are not going to judge them for not knowing basic things yet.

You are learning and you should enjoy the process, so practice whenever you can, alone or with others.

Be informed and equipped

You must inform yourself and learn everything you can.

Today you have no excuse, and you can take advantage and learn everything I expose in this website.

You can also purchase this wonderful book to learn how to play pool called “Master Your Pool Game in less than 3 weeks“.

Problems with your Pool Game ?

Be a Billiard Pro in 3 Weeks

Alisa Dianisevichus
Alisa Dianisevichus
Champion of Belarus 🇧🇾
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This book includes a lot of important information about technic, tactic and pool in general 😊🤗 You can find a lot of drills there to develop and fix your problems and mistakes 😉 It will help you if you’re a beginner or even have a lot of experience in pool game 😌😊 So I recommend to get this wonderful book for all of you ☺️ It’ll help you a lot if you want to become a champion 😉
Ignasi Oliver
Ignasi Oliver
Gabriel's father 🇪🇸
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"Your book is a gem, it helped my twelve-years-old son to correct mistakes in his billiard game, he is practicing a lot. Last week he won his first tournament, seeing his happy face is really our reward.
Thank you so much".
Rafik S Limbada
Rafik S Limbada
Entrenador Nacional de Cuesport y jugador Snooker Sudafrica 🇿🇦
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"Excellent book. I purchased it yesterday, as a national head coach, this is invaluable as a training aid".
Joseph Simo
Joseph Simo
IT Consultant | Web Developer 🇺🇸
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"The book even explains with pictures how to improve and learn your billiard game. I highly recommend it!"
Rodrigo Sao Pedro
Rodrigo Sao Pedro
Comercial de Ventas 🇵🇹
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"Xavi, my great friend, made a Portuguese version dedicated just for me. I didn't know how to play billiards, reading the book and practicing I have improved a lot. It is easy to read and understand, it is a great book".
Bruce Cheung
Bruce Cheung
Canadian Pool Player 🇨🇦
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What I love about this book is that it offers corresponding exercises to the lessons after the explanation to improve that specific technique.👏 This book is truly a step-by-step guide for players starting from scratch to more advanced players that are looking to improve a specific part of their game.

In the different sections you will learn all about billiards.

An important part of the learning process is to learn passively; to understand the theory well in order to be able to apply it later.

You have to practice a lot to be good at something, but you also have to open a book or read an article from time to time to get the right information.

In addition, you should be well equipped from the beginning, to adapt to your pool cue and not only practice when you go out on weekends with your friends to a bar.

It is ideal that you buy your first quality pool cue, so that it is the one that will accompany you on this long road to be a great billiard player.

On this page you will also find all kinds of billiard accessories to take this sport more seriously.

Take the time you need to choose the right equipment, there is no rush and you will learn a lot about the game at the same time.

Watch, analyze and learn

Practice is very important, but you should also take your time to watch other people play, analyze what they do right and wrong, learn how to improve your game… and also learn the weaknesses of your opponents.

It doesn’t have to be only with real players, you can analyze games on youtube videos or watch how experts are explaining and criticizing what happens.

A sport like billiards has many factors, and an important one is that it is not a solo game, so it will always come in handy to watch how others compete.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice.

And although we have already repeated it many times, we emphasize that it is something that you must be very clear: practice makes perfect.

Practice, practice and keep practicing… compete whenever you can, you know that a sport requires patience and will, so you must be encouraged to put in the hours it takes.

And ask questions whenever you can.

Do not be ashamed that no question is silly and both your colleagues in the game and here in Learn Billiards I can answer anything.

If you are embarrassed and do not want to do it in public, you can also do it privately through the Instagram DM.

These are just some of the basic tips you should keep in mind when you start playing billiards.

You will make mistakes and it may be hard at first, but you can take advantage of all the resources you have access to and join online communities that you find to help you on your journey and make everything easier.


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