How to Remove a Dent from Your Pool Cue?


Once in the billiard club I belong to I see a fellow member who takes his pool cue and starts rubbing it with a crystal glass, we were all amazed, watching him, thinking: “What is he doing! 😲

Later he explained it to me in detail, he tells me:

Xavi, in billiard stores they sell solid glass cylinders especially for this, but also with any glass object works, for example this crystal glass.

When the dent is small, we put a drop of water and let the wood absorb it, you have to let the cue rest from one day to another, the water softens the wood and it is possible that the blow comes out by itself.

In case it doesn’t, rub it with the neck of a glass bottle, it doesn’t take out the dent but it spreads it to a larger area so it won’t be felt when I’m measuring.

You have to take the dent out from the inside out.

When the dent is medium, place several layers of paper towel or gauze over the dent and secure it with a rubber band.

Wet the cloth with several drops of water and let it sit overnight.

The water penetrates further before evaporating, allowing the wood to slowly return to its original shape.

When the dent is large, or if the above methods don’t work for you, try covering the neck of a metal teapot with aluminum foil and poke a small hole in it with a pin.

With an eyedropper, wet the dent and wait until the wood absorbs the water.

Heat the kettle to boiling and allow the steam to contact the dent.

The steam heats the water that has been absorbed by the wood which causes pressure from the inside out, solving the problem.

Now that you know how to get a dent out of a ding, give it a try and let me know below.

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