Exercise plan for billiard professionals


Before starting to do the exercises for billiard professionals, I expect you to have mastered the exercises of the previous levels.

And also have read all about the professional level of billiards.

Let’s start with today’s exercises.

Remember that to create the habit you must do the following:

  • 3 repetitions (in 1 day or in the week).
  • Chalk each shot
  • Pocket the balls
  • If you miss a ball, start over from the beginning.

Exercises for jumping the cue ball in billiards

Ejercicio de salto

Let’s do this exercise to learn how to jump the cue ball.

Always putting an obstacle ball in front, in this case the 8-ball, we are going to hit and pocket every ball that is in this line.

In this exercise it doesn’t matter if you miss a ball and it is not mandatory that all the balls go into the same hole.

Rotate the cue ball but always with the obstacle ball in front of you so you can make the jump.

* Important: Put a piece of cloth or mat under the cue ball before each shot to avoid marking it or making a hole in the table cloth.

Jumping cue ball exercise

This other jumping exercise is simpler.

You must always start from this square, where you must jump the mingo.

You must pocket all the balls without missing in numerical order.

And then to add another degree of difficulty.

This same exercise after pocketing all the balls and with the cue ball out of the square of balls, start pocketing them all in the same corner pocket.

Exercises to make the Massé shot in Billiards

Masse curve shooting exercise

This exercise is a little simpler.

Raising the pool cue, we are going to make a mini massé shot or small curve to pocket the balls as shown in the picture.

On the cue ball where the red dot is shown for the effect at the top left to pocket the 1 and 3 balls.

And on the cue ball with the orange dot for the spin at the top right to pocket the 2 ball.

Massé shooting exercise

In this exercise we will do the massé shot with more curve, more pronounced.

If you make a mistake continue from where you are.

I hope you have reviewed the corresponding section of the massé shot so that you can perform this exercise successfully.

Cue ball control exercises

These exercises below are the best to dedicate yourself to winning tournaments.

Central rectangular exercise

In this exercise you must pocket all the balls without fail, without any order.

The cue ball cannot leave the center square.

Cross exercise

In this cross exercise you must pocket all the balls without missing or touching other balls.

No specific order.

Circle exercise

In this circle exercise you must pocket all the balls without missing or touching other balls.

No specific order.

The cue ball cannot leave the circle.

Drill Z (remove the 11-ball and 15-ball if they are in your way)

This is the last exercise of the level.

You must start with ball 1 and pocket them all in numerical order.

Do it without fail.

If you have completed all these exercises, you are ready to beat any rival in tournaments.

In the same way, you must continue practicing billiards.

Practice makes perfect.

Keep going and let me know how it goes.


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