How to Position Your Body to Play Pool


If you are a beginner this is the trickiest part.

Although many high level players also neglect this point.

The body or “how to get down” to the table.

Common mistakes are:

  • Not giving yourself room to move the cue, this is too close to your chest, to the point of punching you when you hit a ball with some force.
  • The shoulder of your grip is not over the cue, your arm misses the shooting line or the elbow is outward and the target line is also missed.


Because of this the straightness of your cue ball strokes will be impaired.

I am going to say this assuming you are right-handed, but if you are left-handed it is the same but with the corresponding hand.

The body must be lowered to the right.

This forces you to place your feet more to the left, look at the image of the legs.

You will control the correct position of the feet with practice.

The secret lies in the stability of the body weight.

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With the correct body you will avoid a lot of back pain and it will give quality to your billiard game.

If you rub your chin with the cue stick, you will aim much better, your head has to be straight.

You can reach a good level without hitting the cue to the chin but if you look at the pool and snooker professionals they have an excellent command of the cue ball when they have it stuck.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right the first day, the body should get used to this new position.

You do the exercises that I put at the end of the Free Guide.

Remember that:

Are you one of those who stick your chin to the cue?


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