What is the Best Snooker Cue for Beginners and Experts?


A snooker cue is designed shorter than a pool cue.

  • Sized from 57 to 58 inches or 140 to 150 cm and has removable extensions to make the cue 6 inches or 15 cm longer.
  • Many snooker cues are hinged with brass fittings the 2/3 or even the ¾ back.
  • Longer cases or cases are needed for these cues.
  • The tip of the cue has a diameter between 8.5 to 10.5 mm which provides more precision and finesse.
  • The backs of the snooker cue are usually flat on one side.
  • The weight of the cue varies between 16 and 18 ounces.

TOP 3 Best Snooker Cues

Testimonial 1:

“If you’re looking for a good, solid cue for personal use, look no further.

The cue is straight, the locking joint is flush and solid with a nice vacuum seal. The handle is a nice black blue finish. The tip it came with was shaped well, but I’ll likley end up replacing it as it’s a little too hard for my preference. The extensions are solid too, the joints on them are just as tough.

The case is well made and locks well. I’m impressed.

There’s no person named Mark Richard though. It’s merely a name picked to mimic the western cue makers like John Parris. That said, don’t let this chinese made cue scare you away.

Snooker is popular in China and they’ve made great strides in quality. This piece shows it.

There might be better out there for tournaments and pros but honestly, there’s no reason to spend so much $$$ when this will do everything you ask.”

Testimonial 2:

“This is a heavier cue than I’ve been used to but it’s got great power and draw.

The shaft is bullet straight and the tip, while small, is good enough to play with.

The ash shaft is less smooth than I would like but I think I can polish it smoother.

I‘ve put away my old light cue (a Riley made in England) and I’m playing exclusively with this new cue and enjoying it.

It worth mentioning the case and attachments.

The case is excellent.

Very good quality construction with three clasps to secure it.

The two attachments give the player the ability to lengthen the cue for those awkward shots or to use with a rest if needed.

Overall a very nice cue, case and accessories and excellent value for money.”

Do you need Billiard Gloves?

Testimonial 1:

“Bought this glove because I trust the Kamui brand and it fit my black and white theme for cue, case and accessories. I also liked the fact that it had an adjustable strap because I hate having to pull a glove off so it ends up inside out and having to fix it before putting it back on. Unfortunately, it fits so tight, even when the wrist strap is loose, that you end up having to either turn it inside out or pulling on the finger sleeves to get it off. A few times doing the latter led to the rip along the seam you see in the picture.

Very comfortable fitting glove. I love the webbed portion and how it breathes.
Glove is very nice looking; befitting the Kamui brand.

Tore easily if not removed very carefully. As in more carefully than you would normally remove a glove.
Finger sleeves are a little too long. I have fat hands and long fingers so it works for me but they are definitely longer than they need to be to insure they cover any contact point with a normal cue stroke.

OVERALL: Satisfied with the purchase and will probably replace with the same glove when the tear in this one gets worse. BUT, I now know that you have to be particularly careful when taking the glove off to avoid tearing the material.”

Testimonial 2:

“I have very small hands. On my left hand, my ring size is a 4.5. The size XS fits well, but there is some bunching up of the material on my thumb (although I think this is normal). This glove keeps me from having to use chalk, and my strokes with it are very smooth. I ended up purchasing one for my husband as well. Especially since there are so few XS small gloves on the market, I would highly recommend this one! (The size XL also fits my husband appropriately. We used the measurements provided to decide on a glove size.)”

Testimonial 1:

“Comfortable and fits good – not too tight or loose. Have used it for 25+ hours so far. Seems well constructed and durable. I like the closed index and thumb fingers so the glove does not ride up and allow the cue to rub against skin. It plays warmer than other gloves I’ve used as the material does not breath well.”

Testimonial 2:

“This is a great tool for pool. It keeps your hand steadier. Purchased it for our son in law for Christmas and he loves it . He wears it every time he plays pool”

Testimonial 1:

“It’s difficult to find gloves for left handed players that you don’t reverse. Even harder to find decent quality. Overall, the glove is a good solution that seems to have well done seems and good fit. Only complaint is the velcro wrist strap is made for someone with fat wrists. I’m an average sized guy and it has overlap that’s excessive. Otherwise i’d give it five stars.”

Testimonial 2:

“I have tried many gloves and the Longoni Black Fire 2.0 billiard pool glove is the best out there. very durable, great feel. I play every night, its holds very nicely for months. Feel very confident with it on. I would give it SIX STARS!”

Billiard cases

Testimonial 1:

“Nice light weight and i like that i can wear it like a packpack. Great for pool cue case for motorclycle riders like me.

The outer storage pockets should be larger and more available colors like black and gray. I just found blue and red.”

Testimonial 2:

“This is a great pool cue case. I wanted a light weight case since I only carry two cues , down from 4, and this fits the criteria being a 3×4. The color and look is really nice, it’s looks like a much more expensive case. the $75 I spent is a bargain compared to others. This weighs less with 2 cues than my hard side 5×8 when it’s empty
10 out of 10 would recommend this to my pool friends”

Testimonial 1:

“Just received this case! Shipping was very fast, case looks very sturdy and holds my cue very well, does not rattle around like my last case. For the money I say it’s totally worth it and I like the fact on how I can lay my cue down instead of sliding in a tube. Plus most people at pool halls have very similar cases and someone walked out with mine one time by accident because we had the same style case, so this one will definitely be different than the rest and easy to spot when your out.”

Testimonial 2:

“Hard to find a case able to store the cue flat to help avoid warping. Seems good at first glance holding cue with foam. Better then the drop cases because shaft and but dont fit snug in them so it can rattle around. Will update after few weeks use”

Testimonial 1:

“This is one beautiful case. It arrived with a nice personal thank you note, along with a new glove and some chalk. I was given a three week window as to when it would arrive, and it promptly showed up on the second day of that window. These people take the time to do it right. The quality workmanship and attention to detail is not lost on this buyer. I highly recommend this product.”

Testimonial 2:

“Full tubes
Spring loaded bottom keeps the ends from bouncing in the case and makes them easier to pull out
Quality has held up so far
The big front pocket is big enough to fit my 5 cue Claw
I literally have not been able to find a better case for less than about $200

I wish they had the same case in a ~3×4 that could reliably stand on it’s own.”


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