Magic chalk could be your favorite this year


Magic Chalk, if you use them, you will hardly change for other chalks, it does not leave marks on the cue ball, it stays on the tip, it does not dirty and it does not make misses.

It has been proven that you can average 29 shots before you miscue.

Made in Russia.

Why is it one of the best billiard chalks?

  • It has fewer errors, stays on point better than other brands.
  • You can shoot with more consistent spin
  • You can use the chalk on every shot or every game.
  • It doesn’t dirty the cue ball, the table, your cue or your hands.


Many players have decided to replace their Predator chalk with Magic Chalk because it has a better grip.

Testimonial 1:

My hands stay cleaner and so does my table.

Same for ferrules and shafts.

I did some testing with five different tips, but my conclusions are subjective to a degree.

First observation.

It is hard to break the habit of chalking up on every shot.

Get over it.

I was TRYING to make the chalk fail.

At this price it should stand up. It does.

If I was just playing a friendly game of 8 ball, I am sure I could double the shot counts.

I lightly sanded each tip before chalking up. Dime curve.

Cue 1. 93 Schon with LePro tip.

Excellent durability, 10 plus shots through 4 racks of 14-1.

Some dropoff on left or right english about 8-9 shots.

Cue 2. ’93 Pechauer with Pechauer gold medium tip.

SUPERB on both durability and english through at least 10 shots.

Cue 3. Jacoby with Zan hybrid tip.

See Pechauer results. Excellent overall. REALLY good draw.

Cue 4. Jacoby with Kamui brown medium tip.

I felt like they didn’t get along.

It wasn’t any one thing but it was inconsistent.

Could have been my game as it was later than I normally play.

Cue 5. 84 Meucci with Kamui Clear Black Soft.

A match made in heaven.

14 Plus shots between chalk ups before miscue, even when going for extreme english.

Excellent draw.

This is all on just one cube and you’d barely know I used the cube.

Did I mention how much I like cleaner hands and a much cleaner table?
No puff of dust on every shot.

Yeah, it costs moe than Master, but it could easily be a better value.

PS.It is October 23, I play every day for a minimum of one hour, more like two.

I am still on the first cube and I think it will last at least this long again.

My table is cleaner.

My game room is cleaner.

My shots are cleaner too.

This is worth every penny.

Testimonial 2:

“I heard this chalk was good and wanted to try it out myself.

I really like the way it sticks to my tips on my cues and if I have rhythm with making shots I can shoot 3 to 4 balls in before you even thinking about chalking again.

It really sticks to the phenolic tip of my break cue.

My predator chalk has a problem with this.

I will buy more when I run out.”

The best-selling billiard chalks:

Billiard cue holders

To keep your chalk in your pocket or place a magnet on it so that you can access it at any time.


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