The Predator chalk gives you precision and consistency


Predator 1080 Pure chalk, this chalk will help you play with greater accuracy and consistency and with better retention in the sole.

It is manufactured by Predator with the use of pure silica and a specific production process is also mid-range and widely used among players.

It is one of the best chalks for playing 3 cushion carom and billiards.

Many players recommend it for tournament play.

Testimonial 1:

“Predator chalk is great.

It stays on the cue tips longer than Master chalk and I feel ok forgetting to chalk when I use Predator chalk.

The chalk holder is cheap but with a modification, can be excellent.

I used a handle from a butterfly knife and added some shoelaces.

You need to cut the bottom of the chalk holder off and the string comes right out.

Use the string to attach the holder to anything else that feels secure in your pocket.”

Testimonial 2:

“I have used Predator Chalk for years and have found it to be the best!

I recently began playing in a league again and found that traveling to other pool halls and bars you never know what you will get for chalk so I ordered the holder so I always use my Predator chalk.

I see some buyers complaining about the holder… not sure why.


It is a stick you slide in your pocket with the chalk hanging off, nothing more, nothing less.

Plus you can always just detach the string and attach it to you favorite key chain or some ‘lucky’ object :-)”

The best-selling billiard chalks:

Billiard cue holders

To keep your chalk in your pocket or place a magnet on it so that you can access it at any time.


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