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Kamui billiard chalk, the Japanese brand has three types of chalk, the 0.98, the 1.21 and the Roku.

The main difference between the two is that the 1.21 is harder, you can last a long time without throwing.

Therefore this chalk is as we talked before, apply less chalk and last longer hitting and gives more effect to the cue ball.

Testimonial 1:

“I was really skeptical about the price of this chalk.

I’m always the guy that says it doesn’t matter what equipment is being used, what matters is the person using it.

I don’t know what made me decide to buy it but I’m glad I did.

I haven’t miscued once since using it and my skill level handicap has been raised in both APA and TAP leagues.

It really feels like you are getting grip when striking the cue ball.

I haven’t had to scuff, shape, or prick my tip as often so it is also extending the life of my tip.”

Testimonial 2:

“Truthfully it almost has an unfair advantage.

I like to put a lot of English on my shots and this is really the only chalk you can get consistent severe English with.

Cons – it’s very very messy and obviously costly

Applying once a game is no where near enough it is better than other brands but still needs re application.

All in all the only chalk I will use after trying many.”

Testimonial 1:

“There’s nothing on the market as smooth as the .98

The 1.21 is slightly more gritty.

The new Roku 6 is even harder imo that I can tell.

Only had it for a few weeks now.

I love the .98 best and have used it with a Kamui original super soft.

Best combo to date.

The 1.21 is really good chalk too.

I like them both really but gravitate towards the pastel like .98

I play avg 15 hours a week.

Sometimes 30hrs and sometimes just 5hrs for league night.

I can assure you I over chalk even with Kamui.

I always chalk before extreme drawshots or English etc.

The cube still last a year.

I used one in 2 years and one in a year easy. Best on the market.

Win a tournament and spend the money. If price has you crying you aren’t good enough to play tournaments.

It’s free for me.

Free money gets me my favorite chalk.”.

Testimonial 2:

“While most will believe this is overpriced, as I had been before purchasing, I can assure you it’s well worth it!!!

I play between 5 to 15 games a day, mostly practicing. I don’t have to apply more chalk between games (not shots, games!), unless I miscue. I also found that most of the chalk remains on the cue, and only requires touch-up between games.

I’ve had this new chalk since April 20, 2018, and still using the same block. I haven’t used enough to touch the paper. It really lasts & my shots english is not affected. I also found the chalk doesn’t show on the table (I have a championship Green felt), which is way better than the normal chalk you get for less than a $1 per cube.”

Testimonial 1:

“Yes it’s expensive, YES it has been worth it. I’ve been playing pool for close to 35 years, many of them seriously (tournaments, leagues, etc.) This is the best chalk I’ve ever used, by far. I’m glad I upgraded to this chalk for my home table (9′ Diamond Pro-Am with Tournament Blue Simonis cloth). My original goal was to reduce blue streaks on my cloth (was using Master blue, but also tried a half dozen other cheap varieties, including Predator, etc.)

First with the only CON I have: This chalk does NOT reduce the brightness or colorization of chalk streaks on the cloth for me, it’s honestly about the same as the Master Chalk. However, LESS chalk gets on the table, and it’s easier to clean up, both positives.

The real benefits:

1) It’s a much CLEANER chalk – I don’t have chalk all over my hands and clothes after using this. It comes off differently (it’s less powdery and more clay-like), doesn’t get on my hands, and also LESS of the chalk gets on my table. Both huge positives!

2) It lasts MUCH longer than any other chalk I’ve ever used. As many online / YouTube videos demonstrate, you can shoot numerous times without needing to re-chalk. This is handy if/when you forget to chalk up in between shots. It has also given me a little more confidence when shooting with extreme spin with far fewer miscues.

Also – it seems to wear down much less. I’ve had this one piece of chalk for months (waited a long time to write this review!), and I play just about every single day, and it still looks almost new. I anticipate this single piece lasting a long time.

I highly recommend this chalk for any serious pool player, and will absolutely buy this chalk instead of Master chalk in the future.”

Testimonial 2:

“This chalk exceeded all expectations I have ever had on any pool cue chalk!

I waited a while to buy this because

a) the price point,

b) a video I saw a YouTube video by Dr.DaveBilliard that had me concerned about the Kamui chalk producing more cling, and

c) the color of this chalk is very different from the color of my table cloth which can be messy looking.

I recently switched to a Predator carbon shaft and found that my bridge hand seems to be getting covered with chalk much faster than in the past, possibly because the carbon shaft does not hang on to any of the chalk residues.

So they all end up on my hand.

My table also seems to accumulate chalk much faster.

I decided to try a cube of Kamui Roku Chalk.

I have only played 6 racks with the new chalk, and it is so much better than I expected that I feel compelled to sit down and write this review.

None of my 3 initial concerns was founded.

I have only chalked 3 times in six racks! I waited until I miscued after my initial application, and it took 3 racks to happen.

OK, this may not last as long as a gross (144) of regular cue chalk, but this one cube will last me a very long time.

There is very little sign of chalk on my table, and very little sign of chalk on the cue ball, and no sign of chalk on my bridge hand.

Cling has not been an issue especially if you clean your cue ball every now and then.

And I bearly need to clean my table now after 6 racks.

The cue ball also needs a lot less cleaning.

I am guessing that this will extend the life of my Simonis cloth because it needs to be brushed/cleaned much less frequently.

Most importantly, the chalk really clings well onto the cue ball through the stroke giving me much better control and reliable spin!

I can’t believe a little cube of chalk can make all these differences! Highly recommended!

I have used this chalk every day now for a couple of weeks, and I feel compelled to write an update.

I like this chalk… no, I love this chalk even more that I initially thought.

First, I learn that unlike its predecessor, you are supposed to use this ROKU like a regular piece of chalk, as in apply often or before every shot.

I find that applying every few shots, or before every shot on which I plan to use heavy English is sufficient.

This chalk not only allows me to apply a lot more English on the ball, but it also keeps the ball much cleaner.

I used to find a lot of chalk marks on the cue ball after every rack.

With ROKU, the cue ball stays super clean.

I just need to rub my hands on the ball a couple of times to get a completely clean cue ball.

My table also stays a lot cleaner and requires cleaning a lot less frequently.

When I do need to clean the Simonis cloth, I use the Simonis X-1 cloth cleaning tool that has a felt-like fabric on the bottom.

I guess what makes this chalk clings much better to the cue tip and the cue ball also makes it cling much better on the X-1 cleaning felt.

Just running over the cloth once gently picks up what little chalk marks there are on the table.

My initial reaction when seeing this chalk was, “$30 of one piece of chalk?!!” Now I would buy this once a month if I have to.

Luckily, this chalk seems to last forever even when applying frequently, so it will last me many months.

My table cloth will certainly last longer because of less frequent and less harsh cleaning.

On top of that, I learn that I can buy this chalk directly from Kamui for $25 with free shipping.

This is a no-brainer.

Try it!

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