Main effects exercise


If you still don’t know what the main effects are, it’s time to brush up.

At home or when you are at the billiard table, do exactly these exercises to improve your billiard game.

When you have mastered these effects, move on to the side effects.

To get this drill burned like fire in your mind, you must do:

  • 2 repetitions
  • Chalk each shot
  • Pocket the balls
  • If you miss a ball, start over from the beginning.

Exercises stop shots

Exercises stop shots

The same image indicates exactly the point to hit and the angle of your cue stick.

The cue ball must make the stop, stay still completely.

And pocket the balls in numerical order.

Exercises stop shots

In this second exercise do the same as the previous one.

Exercises for stun shots

Exercise stun shots

In this exercise, the cue ball is farther away, that means that we must lower a little bit the spot where we are going to hit the cue ball.

This is due to the cue ball sliding, explained in the effects.

We have to hit at that spot because the cue ball will be in the “state” of stop and when hitting the 1 ball and successive cue balls it must make a stop.

When you pocket the 1 ball, place the cue ball in the same line as shown in the picture but this time aligned, straight for the 2 ball and so on.

Here is the exercise completed by Bruce Cheung @hongcouver.billiards

Exercises for follow shots

Exercises for follow shots

In this exercise, we are going to make a follow shot, just as shown in the picture.

When you pocket the first ball, follow with the second ball and so on.

Exercises for follow shots

Here we do the same as explained above and apply the follow shot.

Exercises for draw shots

Exercises for draw shots

In this exercise we will do the draw shots.

Once you pocket the 1-ball, follow with the 2-ball and so on.

Your cue stick must be parallel to the table and you must put chalk on each shot to get the draw shot right.

Exercises for draw shots

In this exercise we will do the same, the cue ball must cross the “kitchen or service area” to be a valid draw shot.

This way we add a higher degree of difficulty.

Tell me, how did the exercises go?


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