Tiger chalk for consistency in your game


The Tiger High-Performance Chalk uses a refined blend of five different ingredients.

Tiger chalk gives you the adhesion and friction you need for total control, while still keeping an incredibly smooth feel.

After many years of thorough research and development, along with our continued dedication to innovation and excellence in craftsmanship, our one-of-a-kind Tiger chalk formula offers decreased dust levels while giving you the consistency you need during every shot.

The product comes with 3 pieces of Tiger High-Performance Chalk and carrying tin.

Tiger chalk

Testimonial 1:

“Really good chalk..only kind I’m buying for now on

Testimonial 2:

“One of the best chalks I’ve used ever”

The best-selling billiard chalks:

Billiard cue holders

To keep your chalk in your pocket or place a magnet on it so that you can access it at any time.


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